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We are Laura and Gary Roberts, semi-retired baby-boomers who escaped suburbia to live the good life in the country. Our two adult children, Garret and Miranda, have flown the coop, making us “empty-nesters”.

Laura has always loved animals of many species and was often chided by friends and family, "You really should live on a farm....or work for a zoo". Since most zoos are in the city, we decided that farm life was the right choice for us, though Gary is still shaking his head and wondering, "What were we thinking?"

About us:

In 2006 we purchased a ten acre parcel of land that had previously been a timber farm and began the long process of converting it into a farm. We hired local farmers to clear the pines, til the land and plant pastures. We had fencing installed in multiple phases, creating eight pastures that surround our house and yard.

We added cats, a few scrub goats and chickens in 2007, alpacas in 2008, Livestock Guardian Dogs in 2009, brought the horse home from a boarding farm in 2011 and added our first two dairy does, Belle and daughter, Babybel. At this point, the hook was set. We fell in love with the goats and had to have more!

After researching many breeds of goats and determining what we could handle, comfortably, we decided Miniature goats would be ideal. Small enough to transport easily in the mini van and we could perform most of the animal husbandry care, ourselves. By eating less than standard sized goats, easier on the feed bill and yet, great milk production. 

Miniature Nubians were added in 2012 and by 2013, we were witnessing our first kids hitting the ground.

Here we are in Spring 2017, anxiously awaiting the arrival of kids due in March, April and May!  We currently have 12 does and 3 Bucks, plus several companion wethers. 

It's been ten years since we started and it's getting better everyday.


We still have alpacas and enjoy their antics. Spring brings Shearing Day on the farm and then transporting wonderful alpaca fiber to be purchased by New England Alpaca Fiber Pool, but the most exciting events for us, by far, are the arrivals of new Mini Nubian kids and sharing with other enthusiasts!

Want to know more? Contact us, and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

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