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  • We draw up a Goat Share contract spelling out your responsibility and ours. 

  • You pay a one-time purchase price and co-own a goat. Your purchase includes glass milk bottles for your milk. Your co-ownership is not transferable.  All Goat Shares are approved by us.  

  • On a monthly basis (usually the first or fifteenth) you pay your portion of your goat's Board. Board includes feeding, watering, medical care, deworming, vaccinations, training and milking, storage of milk and pasteurizing,if desired. We provide all care and labor.  Your milk is available to you on the same day of each week.  Pick up at the farm is standard, however if we are able, delivery or partial delivery may be available for a nominal fee. Delivery would have to be prearranged.

  • We retain the majority ownership on all of our goats and decisions regarding health, injury, illness, breeding or offspring are ours to make. Any offspring born of co-owned goats are ours.  

  • Your ownership can be terminated by you at any time. We do request a thirty day notice, when possible.   We can also terminate the Goat Share when deemed necessary.

  • We attempt to milk through the winter, usually drying off our Does in January.  When Does are not being milked and you do not receive milk, no Boarding fees will be collected. There are times we have excess milk and if agreed, may supply excess milk to you to be counted towards the months we aren't milking. If these arrangements are made, Board payments would be continued, based on the amount of excess milk supplied. 

One of the most popular perks of being a Goat Shareholder is the privlege visiting the farm on a regular basis, if desired. We ask that you abide by our wishes and supervise children very closely and NOT allow pets off leash and only visit authorized areas.

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